About Us

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             WHAT IS CROSSFIT

CrossFit is a world-wide organisation dedicated to the advancement of human health and athletic performance.


CrossFit provides a precise definition of fitness and builds on the foundation that fitness is observable, measurable, and repeatable.


With an adaptable strength and conditioning program that changes daily you are always ensured a variety of workouts so you should never get bored.



At CrossFit Moranbah we are a group of individuals with a common goal – that is to be fit, healthy, active and have a great time doing it.


We have developed a community of supportive and encouraging athletes eager to see each other succeed and better themselves each time they workout.


We are a non-profit club so any money paid in, you as members will benefit from. Built from the ground up by our own community we aren’t just training buddies we are family.



We appreciate that everyone has varying fitness levels and the beauty of the CrossFit program is that it is designed to be universally scalable, making it the perfect application for any committed individual regardless of experience, skill or fitness level.


Come along about 15 mins before your first session to fill out paperwork and chat to the coaches about your fitness level and any injuries you have. From there you will be guided through the session. Every workout involves the fundamentals of each movement and the correct technique.


Join our fun, active, encouraging community to embark on a new outlook on life!